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    Secret In The Eye Of Mona Lisa

    When I was invited to attend the global unveiling of the decade’s most remarkable artist collaboration, I did not know what to expect. However, curiosity won and I spent the evening at the Trinity House Painting Gallery in central London with my friend enjoying paintings and the company of amazing people. Mona Lisa One painting was most important. The replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting “Mona Lisa” painted by John Myatt. Taking the first look you would not think there is something important about that replica. But if you come closer, you can see there is something in Mona Lisa’s left eye. Take the even closer look, use…

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    Metropolis Sessions

    First Tuesday of the month was dedicated for special musical night, known as Metropolis Sessions. Guests enjoyed four beautiful performances from Ivan Proctor, Natalie Shay, rumHoney and K-Syran. Different range of genres pleased every guest. Young singer – songwriter Ivan Proctor started the musical evening at Metropolis Sessions with melodical calm songs. His talent was already recognised by BASCA ACM (for those who don’t know BASCA is British Academy Of Songwriters Composers And Authors) which awarded him with songwriting scolarship. 16 years old BRIT school student Natalie Shay was the next one on stage and her songs were more energetic but rumHoney brought back listeners to the relaxing almost melancholic…

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    Metropolis Session

    Every month I attend Metropolis Session – an exclusive, strictly invitation showcase where only the best unsigned or newly singed artists and bands perform. Last Metropolis Session was no exception. Four exquisite girls amazed public with their performances… Let me introduce them to you. ASHLEIGH ASHLEY She has always been immersed rhyme, wordplay and visual media. Her fluid vocal style is laced with Soul, Funk, and Modern Electro and is complete with a distinctive London twang. Recent press coverage includes interviews with Hunger Magazine, SME and an exclusive acoustic performance for MOBO Awards Sessions. PHILLIPPA LIVIJN Phillippa is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. Her music is very personal and she always…

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