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    Champagne Music Box

    Music and Champagne are my two favourite things. And they match together very well. There were so many interesting collaborations matching champagne and music (check here/ here/ here). The newest collaboration offers limited edition music box packaging which allows people listen to their most favourite music wherever they want while enjoying Lanson champagne. So, it’s a perfect idea for the party or an intimate evening with the loved one. The packaging has a special resonance system that produces an amplified sound when people connect it to a smartphone. Packaging is available in two colours – pink and black. This limited edition music packaging will be available for a month from 30 August…

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  • Events

    Night At Tramp: Stylish & Fabulous

    It’s always a pleasure to visit Tramp. It’s a sophisticated, stylish & elegant place where interesting people come for dinner, networking or pleasure. Also, it is a private members club with its secrets and restrictions. You will not get in unless you are a member, you are a guest of a member or you are on the guest list attending an event. Last night I attended one of Subdivision events. I wrote about these events previously and those posts were very popular, so I thought I will write again. However, I wanted to offer my lovely readers something else, rather than bragging again about the singers and bands who was awesome anyway,…

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  • scooots

    Scooots Launch Party

    Last night I’ve got chance to attend a launch party of the Scooots bags and discover very interesting idea. It reminded me one epizode of the Apprentice I’ve seen years ago,where the teams were asked to drive rikshaws, to take passengers, and to earn as much money as possible. One of the teams decided to offer ads on the side of the rikshaws and won the challenge. The founders of Scooop start-up came up with the similar idea, but they used the bags instead of rikshaws. The main idea is the led screen on the bags, where brands can add their message and promote whatever they want. The person or…

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    Women In Music Playlist

    Last week I attended an amazing event at Tape London organized by Be-Hookd Digital. Panel was only women. They were talking about their success and struggles in music industry. Also, the another event happened around a week ago – women march in London and Washington. It united all women to come together to fight for their rights. I have to say it was very inspiring. As music is a powerful tool, I decided to create a playlist for you with the songs performed solely by the women. I chose from well known songs like “Love Is A Battlefield” by the greatest rock vocalist of all times (called by Oprah Winfrey…

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  • Dear Diary...

    Branding For Blogging And Life

    Branding in these days is very important both personal and corporate. Branding is how people define you and if you will not take care of this, others will. Everything is important – your look, your behaviour, your tribe, tools you use… It doesn’t really matter, what do you do for a living or where are you from. As long as you can create a proper brand for yourself and maintain it, you can gain success and influence. I’m self-made. I always wanted to make myself a better person, because I was not educated. But that was my dream – to have class. Tina Turner I understood that when I first…

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