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    When Art Meets Fashion: Will Solomon

    I was amongst the lucky ones invited to attend Pop-Up exhibition of Will Solomon and to see his beautiful creations. The very talented young artist came up with an idea to decorate biker and bomber jackets and t-shirts with his beautiful art. The exhibition took place on the Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols. The fashion industry and VIP guests enjoyed champagne and delicious macaroons. Both champagne and macaroons were prepared for the occasion and looked very artistically. The talented artist started to use his artwork to create beautiful art-wear because of his passion for fashion and music. William admits that music has a strong influence on his life and while he…

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    Champagne Music Box

    Music and Champagne are my two favourite things. And they match together very well. There were so many interesting collaborations matching champagne and music (check here/ here/ here). The newest collaboration offers limited edition music box packaging which allows people listen to their most favourite music wherever they want while enjoying Lanson champagne. So, it’s a perfect idea for the party or an intimate evening with the loved one. The packaging has a special resonance system that produces an amplified sound when people connect it to a smartphone. Packaging is available in two colours – pink and black. This limited edition music packaging will be available for a month from 30 August…

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    Jay Z’s Champagne Is Set To Release

    The Ace of Spades luxurious champagne brand owned and operated by notorious rapper Jay-Z is set to release in October. The bottle will retail for double that of the iconic Ace of Spades Gold Bottle with a price tag of $760.  The expensive drink is packaged in a shiny silver bottle complete with an embossed Ace of Spades embossed logo. To add to the exclusivity of the pinot nor champagne’s release, only 3,000 bottles will be made and sold worldwide. Like Krug’s Grande Cuvée, the blanc de noirs is “multi-vintage” (a more upscale way to say nonvintage), based on the years 2008, 2009, and 2010. The former, though, goes for a…

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    Moët & Chandon Floating Bar

    Champagne is extremely special drink in France which is why Moët Chandon are always reinventing themelves either with limited edition and special occasion bubblies or with pop-up champagne connoisseurs’ academy for the layman. The newest creation is a floating bar, designed to resemble a striped inner tube that is covered with a table-like platform. The luxury Champagne Bar expresses the sophistication of the Moët & Chandon brand. This bar was designed to honour and celebrate the release of ‘Moët Ice Impérial.’ This particular champagne is specifically made to be served over ice. With this in mind, the brand took it a step further and created a bar which allows the beverage to be served over water — physically speaking.   Served with three…

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    The James Bond-Inspired Champagne Cellar

    If you read my blog, you know how much I like champagne, creativity and collaborations. I am excited to tell you about the one between Aston Marting and Dom Perignone. These two companies collaborated to create a fully functioning Champagne cellar in the Milano Rapide S sports car. The idea for this unique car accessory was inspired by the famous secret agent James Bond. His love of Champagne, particularly the prestige cuvées of Dom Pérignon and Bollinger, as well as his penchant for Aston Martin, is well-known with dozens of references being made to the French fizz throughout the spy’s silver screen career. In 1964’s Goldfinger the British spy exclaims: “My dear girl, there are…

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