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    Heel Your Skin

    Scars and other imperfections on the skin are becoming a part of personal branding. However, everyone wants to look beautiful because it helps to gain more confidence. In the age of social media, not everyone is brave enough to show their real side. The reason I am talking about it is quite personal. Just before flying for my Christmas holiday to Bavaria I badly burned my hand. I didn’t realize how bad it was until a week later. I have bad scars all over the fingers of my left hand. Obviously, it started healing but I don’t think it will disappear with the time. However, at the time the worst…

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    Schwarzkopf Bloggers & Press Event

    Schwarzkopf is one of the most famous haircare brands in the world and strangely enough, I never had a chance to try it. The opportunity arrived when I was invited to the Schwarzkopf Bloggers & Press Event at The Ned Restaurant. Beautiful environment and many hair professionals – it was just what I needed on Tuesday night. I had to admit – this event was not just a simple event. It was an opportunity for me to regain my self-confidence and be one of the first ones to try the new products of Schwarzkopf. The event was happening at the Spa. The area was divided into different stages. I started…

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    Espa For The Hair Care

    I recently started using Espa shampoo and conditioner for my hair and can’t be happier how the condition of my hair looks so much better now and feels better. And I started receiving compliments about my hair again. As some of you know, the thing I spend the most money for is hair. I always look for the best products. I always think, how can I make my hair look more healthy and beautiful. I discovered Espa through Tatler magazine. When received one of the issues, I found a gift card to choose beauty product from Espa. The first thing I checked was if this company has something for hair (my…

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    Beauty In Your Eyes

    In the days of technology, the most important thing we have to take care of is our eyes. Beautifully looking eyes guaranties not just health but the beauty too. Eyes get tired, dried out, become red when we spend a lot of time on the computers and mobile phones. It is an especially difficult situation if you are wearing contact lenses. I know it because I do wear. So, I always give a special attention to my eyes. Lately, I’ve got a chance to try a ‘Thera Pearl’ mask and ‘Murine’ eye drops. Drops is an always good idea and especially when the sommer is coming with the dry and…

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    Kiehl’s Shampoo

    Everyone does mistakes and learn from them. Speaking about my beauty I made one too. You can imagine what kind of mistake from the title of this post. I started coloring my beautiful strong bronde-colour hair. I changed couple colours but sticked to blonde most of the time. Colour went well with my appearance. Unfortunately my silky, strong and beautiful long hair changed. I was unhappy. I started to look for ways to improve it. During my visit at Kiehl’s I was offered to try new shampoo. First I was skeptical. I tried many different shampoos and I didn’t get effect I wanted. I became even more skeptical after reading…

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