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    Nandos Recording Studio

    Brands are always looking for the new ways how to attract the customers. Scientists proofed that music is the best choice to attract the attention. We’ve seen Starbucks collaborating with celebrities and selling CD’s, Cafe Nero gives unsigned musicians a platform to introduce new music and organize their concerts at its coffee shops. So, it’s Pizza Express. And these are just a few of existing examples. Nandos is one of the newest food chains to introduce music to its customers. They opened a recording studio at its Soho restaurant hoping to attract attention from musicians. And this studio is completed with an in-house sound engineer and industry-standard equipment — including a Neumann…

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    JD & The Straight Shot At Borderline

    Two years ago I was invited to attend a concert of an Americana band “JD And The Straight Shot“. The evening was rather relaxing and enjoyable. So, when a few days ago I received an invitation to attend a concert of the same band I RSVPed “yes”. So, my Monday evening was well spent at the legendary venue of Soho Borderline listening to the new and old songs of the Roots/Americana band from New York “JD & The Straight Shot”. The band came back to London bigger and more interesting. The main members are still the same – James Dolan, Erin Slaver, Marc Copely, however, couple new members joined the…

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    Evening At The North American Guitar

    Last night I enjoyed a beautiful evening and The Songwriter Sessions at The North American Guitar showroom listening to the talented artists Rothwell, Alex Francis and Starsailor’s James Walsh performing. The event was dedicated to celebrating the launch of Taylor Guitars and hosted by the talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Montague who also is co-owner and managing director of The North American Guitar. As the event was dedicated to showcasing a brand new range of Taylor Guitars, all the artists tried these guitars during their sets. And the listeners got the chance to hear the sound of the guitars. As I don’t play guitar, it’s difficult to understand if the…

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    Darren Campbell At Pizza Express

    I was rather excited when after an amazing evening at Pizza Express in Fulham Road, I was invited to attend one more – this time to listen to live music at Pizza Express in Greenwich. My fans and friends know that music and food are my two most favorite things. My evening started with being a bit late due to work commitments but I was not the last one. As soon as all bloggers and Instagrammers arrived our evening started. We enjoyed the delicious drinks and snacks. It was good to see guys bloggers. Most of the time only girls attend events like these. Live Music Live music started soon.…

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    Champagne Music Box

    Music and Champagne are my two favourite things. And they match together very well. There were so many interesting collaborations matching champagne and music (check here/ here/ here). The newest collaboration offers limited edition music box packaging which allows people listen to their most favourite music wherever they want while enjoying Lanson champagne. So, it’s a perfect idea for the party or an intimate evening with the loved one. The packaging has a special resonance system that produces an amplified sound when people connect it to a smartphone. Packaging is available in two colours – pink and black. This limited edition music packaging will be available for a month from 30 August…

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