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    Night At Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge

    When I received an invitation on Instagram to attend an event, I was not sure what to think. However, I decided to listen to my gut and to answers “yes” to the invitation and had an amazing time last week at Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge. Based in North London, Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge is a beautiful piece of heaven with 600 seats hidden in  Kingsbury. While standing outside I did not think that there could be something special inside. But… After passing the restaurant I was led to a beautiful VIP area. And even that was not the best area at Shisha Lounge. The best area was a beautiful garden outside…

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    Pizza Making Party at Pizza Express

    It is difficult to relax in these days when everyone is rushing when technology runs our lives… We are stressing about everything and forget about little pleasures in life. I am glad “Pizza Express” reminded it to me. I used to love cooking and baking and it used to be very relaxing and pleasant activity. However, I forgot about it when started living alone. Last night I attended a Pizza Making Party at “Pizza Express” in Fulham Road. Started with an introduction and a chat with other awesome food bloggers (I guess I was a minority between all the food bloggers 🙂 ). We enjoyed prosecco, delicious doughs, and garlic bread,…

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    LOTD Launch Party

    Last night I was invited to attend the launch party of a new fashion brand LOTD  held at the Radio Bar of ME Hotel. It was a not difficult decision if I should go. First, I was curious to see what clothes LOTD or Look Of The Day will show us. Second, I have never been before at the Radio bar, so it was a good opportunity to discover the new place too. Radio Bar is situated on the 10th floor at ME London hotel with an impressive panoramic London view.  The stunning bar was a perfect choice for the Look Of The Day launch party. Many celebrities attended the launch…

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    Secret In The Eye Of Mona Lisa

    When I was invited to attend the global unveiling of the decade’s most remarkable artist collaboration, I did not know what to expect. However, curiosity won and I spent the evening at the Trinity House Painting Gallery in central London with my friend enjoying paintings and the company of amazing people. Mona Lisa One painting was most important. The replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting “Mona Lisa” painted by John Myatt. Taking the first look you would not think there is something important about that replica. But if you come closer, you can see there is something in Mona Lisa’s left eye. Take the even closer look, use…

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    Debut Magazine Party

    On Thursday I attended Debut Magazine party to celebrate the newest issue. For those who don’t know, “Debut” is the UK’s first career & lifestyle magazine highlighting women in the creative industries. I discovered the magazine by accident while I was looking for the other magazine at WH Smith. I was impressed. It is rare to see the magazine in these days that doesn’t speak only about fashion and beauty only. Debut magazine discusses issues that modern women in creative industries are interested in. It also has a topic for every issue. The newest issue called “The Daring” and is dedicated to the women who dared to launch their own…

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