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    Things You Have To Know About Eduardo Verastegui

    During the years in London, I met many inspirational people or learned about inspirational people. I came up with the idea telling introducing them on my blog. And here is the first post. The inspiring man I am introducing you is from the other side of the pond and often named as Mexican Brad Pitt. I discovered Eduardo Verastegui recently but it turns I saw him before. At one of the Jennifer Lopez videos “Ain’t It Funny”. As many Mexican actors, singers, and models, he started a career at the soap operas. Later he managed to expand horizons and introduce himself to the American & English public. He played &…

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    When Art Meets Fashion: Will Solomon

    I was amongst the lucky ones invited to attend Pop-Up exhibition of Will Solomon and to see his beautiful creations. The very talented young artist came up with an idea to decorate biker and bomber jackets and t-shirts with his beautiful art. The exhibition took place on the Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols. The fashion industry and VIP guests enjoyed champagne and delicious macaroons. Both champagne and macaroons were prepared for the occasion and looked very artistically. The talented artist started to use his artwork to create beautiful art-wear because of his passion for fashion and music. William admits that music has a strong influence on his life and while he…

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    Night At Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge

    When I received an invitation on Instagram to attend an event, I was not sure what to think. However, I decided to listen to my gut and to answers “yes” to the invitation and had an amazing time last week at Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge. Based in North London, Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge is a beautiful piece of heaven with 600 seats hidden in  Kingsbury. While standing outside I did not think that there could be something special inside. But… After passing the restaurant I was led to a beautiful VIP area. And even that was not the best area at Shisha Lounge. The best area was a beautiful garden outside…

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    Darren Campbell At Pizza Express

    I was rather excited when after an amazing evening at Pizza Express in Fulham Road, I was invited to attend one more – this time to listen to live music at Pizza Express in Greenwich. My fans and friends know that music and food are my two most favorite things. My evening started with being a bit late due to work commitments but I was not the last one. As soon as all bloggers and Instagrammers arrived our evening started. We enjoyed the delicious drinks and snacks. It was good to see guys bloggers. Most of the time only girls attend events like these. Live Music Live music started soon.…

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    Pizza Making Party at Pizza Express

    It is difficult to relax in these days when everyone is rushing when technology runs our lives… We are stressing about everything and forget about little pleasures in life. I am glad “Pizza Express” reminded it to me. I used to love cooking and baking and it used to be very relaxing and pleasant activity. However, I forgot about it when started living alone. Last night I attended a Pizza Making Party at “Pizza Express” in Fulham Road. Started with an introduction and a chat with other awesome food bloggers (I guess I was a minority between all the food bloggers 🙂 ). We enjoyed prosecco, delicious doughs, and garlic bread,…

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