• Music

    Nandos Recording Studio

    Brands are always looking for the new ways how to attract the customers. Scientists proofed that music is the best choice to attract the attention. We’ve seen Starbucks collaborating with celebrities and selling CD’s, Cafe Nero gives unsigned musicians a platform to introduce new music and organize their concerts at its coffee shops. So, it’s Pizza Express. And these are just a few of existing examples. Nandos is one of the newest food chains to introduce music to its customers. They opened a recording studio at its Soho restaurant hoping to attract attention from musicians. And this studio is completed with an in-house sound engineer and industry-standard equipment — including a Neumann…

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  • Beauty Treatments

    Hair Botox

    I discovered the hair botox while I was scrolling Instagram photos. Ladies enjoyed the procedure and were happy about how their hair looks like after the procedure. As being crazy about my hair and a bit curious I decided to try the procedure myself. And I did it during my holiday in Lithuania… For those who are not familiar with hair botox, it is a deep conditioning treatment that helps to restore the hair and make them look silky, hydrated, smooth, shiny and more youth-full, also easier to style. My hair stylist also promised that my hair will stop falling after the treatment. But the best thing about the treatment…

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  • Dear Diary...

    The New Beginning

    January for me is a new beginning as for many other people. And not just because of all those resolutions. December is the darkest, the worst month of the year for me. I lose motivation, I feel sad and depressed, I stop reaching my goals. Many years I thought that the reason for my sadness was that I was not celebrating the Christmas with my family. However, December was still sad and dark even though I knew I will be flying to see my family. But December is over, so let’s talk about the new beginning. A few days ago I wrote about my goals/resolutions for this year. And what…

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  • Beauty

    Heel Your Skin

    Scars and other imperfections on the skin are becoming a part of personal branding. However, everyone wants to look beautiful because it helps to gain more confidence. In the age of social media, not everyone is brave enough to show their real side. The reason I am talking about it is quite personal. Just before flying for my Christmas holiday to Bavaria I badly burned my hand. I didn’t realize how bad it was until a week later. I have bad scars all over the fingers of my left hand. Obviously, it started healing but I don’t think it will disappear with the time. However, at the time the worst…

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  • People

    Things You Have To Know About Eduardo Verastegui

    During the years in London, I met many inspirational people or learned about inspirational people. I came up with the idea telling introducing them on my blog. And here is the first post. The inspiring man I am introducing you is from the other side of the pond and often named as Mexican Brad Pitt. I discovered Eduardo Verastegui recently but it turns I saw him before. At one of the Jennifer Lopez videos “Ain’t It Funny”. As many Mexican actors, singers, and models, he started a career at the soap operas. Later he managed to expand horizons and introduce himself to the American & English public. He played &…

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