So, here I have to admit. I am in the music industry for almost a decade and I never got a chance to attend SofarSounds gig! And it’s finally happened couple weeks ago. I attended a special SofarSounds & Firestone Tires event and experience the best they offer.

For those who don’t know much about SofarSound, it’s pretty famous event that happens in different locations and creates a feeling that you are in your living room and enjoy live music. This time for the concert they chose Arts centre in Hackney And how the tires got involved in all this? Firestone is a company well known in America for supporting live music and talented musicians. They partnered with SofarSounds to introduce amazing artists to the audience. We enjoyed the performances of three different artists.

The first artist to perform was John Nicholas from Bridgend. As soon as he started performing, he impressed everyone with his unique and beautiful voice. He performed few original songs.

The second artist was the only lady of the night, named Autumn Sheriff. She is incredibly amazing. Born in Netherland, now she lives and sings in London. Autumn participated in “The Voice” show to promote her music.

Last but not least was AKA George. He performed several songs including a cover. Young and talented multi-instrumentalist totally impressed the audience. Everyone was singing with him.

I enjoyed the evening very much and highly recommend you to attend at least one of SofarSounds sessions. Check their website and social media for more information.

P.S. Guy from SofarSounds who hosted the event asked few members from the audience what was the best concert they attended and why? I thought about it and my answer – “Simply Red” concert in Chelsea. It was Sunday afternoon and it was heavily raining. But the energy was so good that the weather didn’t matter. People were enjoying themselves and dancing in the rain. What was the best concert you attended?

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