Music influences our lives very much. It helps to relax, to boost our moods, it affects our opinions and choices. And now, music helps you to win some money. Actually, music video!

While researching new music and interesting trends, I discovered quite interesting and unusual collaboration. Finance management application Expensify released an interactive music video with rapper 2 Chainz and actor Adam Scott. In the video, he raps about the money, expensive and purchases and extravagant lifestyle like a golden toilet or Ace Of Spade champagne.

The viewers are encouraged to take part in the activity and have some fun. While watching the video they actually can win money. All viewers need to do is to take photos of the QR codes that are subtly showcased throughout the video via the Expensify app. It will enter them to the competition and will give an opportunity to win some prizes.

I thought the idea is amazing and is very entertaining. It helps to attract attention and it’s beneficial for everyone involved. Part of the video “Expensify This” was used for SuperBowl commercial.

Expensify is an application that helps individuals and groups to manage their finances. Individuals can track their receipts for tax returns or personal expenses. This app helps employees and small business owners to send receipts to accountants without doing manual work. Groups can collect receipts and control expenses and simplify their accounting and bookkeeping.

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