Cartier is one of the most known fine jewellery companies in the world founded in 1847. Since then, many beautiful creations reached the world from Cartier workshops. Behind every piece of jewellery, there is a beautiful story.

So, in the 1970s Cartier started collecting its jewellery, watches and other accessories. It managed to collect around 1600 pieces already and it is still growing. Obviously, it attracted the attention of various museums. A tiny part of this collection was introduced this week in London, Cartier boutique in New Bond Street. I was very lucky to see it and to learn about the story behind those jewels. I would like to show you here a few of my most favourite pieces.

When Edward VII was crowned in 1902, Cartier received many orders from London, so he moved here from Paris. This tiara in the garland style was made for Adele Grant, Countess of Essex.

London was getting ready for the coronation of King George VI in 1937 and it was required to wear tiaras for all peeresses who attended a coronation. Not just the etiquette but also new trends in jewellery and clothes influenced sartorial decisions made by aristocrats and peeresses and resulted in unprecedented numbers of head ornaments. Cartier received many special orders.

Cartier’s son Jacques travelled a lot and was a collector of artefacts and sought to incorporate antiquities into the gorgeous pieces created in London. James Gardiner, a designer who worked with Jacques in the 1920s, was truly impressed by Cartier son’s passion for antiques. He said that Jacques rooms looked like a library of artefacts – Chinese carpets, Celtic bronze-work, Japanese sword hilts, Arabesques designed to Emperors, Samurai and Kalifs.
Discovering Tuthankamun’s tomb influenced decorative art throughout Europe. No surprise, the most significant Cartier pieces of Egyptian revival dates between 1923 and 1924.

If you will ever be in New Bond Street, don’t hesitate and pop into Cartier store to check their beautiful creations. Unfortunately, the exhibition is over now. But every Cartier jewellery is a true piece of art and worth to watch.

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