A snowy day set against the backdrop of a crisp blue sky is truly the romantic imagery of Christmas cards.

In reality the constant battle to stay warm, dry skin and lips not to mention hat hair make the winter far from romantic.

How can we keep our skin and hair looking tip-top during the festive season as we battle with the elements? We give you some of the lifestyle bloggers’ top tips:


Your largest organ needs lots of extra TLC during the cold months, so getting your winter skincare routine in place is step one. Invest in some top quality exfoliating scrubs and moisturisers to help your skin exude its natural radiance.

Get rid of those dead skin cells by exfoliating regularly using naturally sourced products and follow up with a product such as Nefera for extra confidence and health.

With the cold weather comes cranked up indoor heating, which can really work against skin to dry it out so make sure you opt for the more intense moisturising options.

Similarly the cold weather can leave skin feeling tender and raw so use products that protect your most delicate facial areas from wind and rain. Despite the fact that the sun is relatively weak and there seem to be more clouds than rays, always use a moisturiser with a high SPF number.


Heating and wind can play havoc with all hair types, stuffed under a wooly hat; your carefully brushed hairstyle can quickly become a mess of tangles and static electricity.

Invest in a deep conditioner that really adds some serious nutrients to your tresses and restores the moisture that gets sucked out by the constant change in temperature going indoors and outside.

Consider too making your hat part of the look and style your hair around your outfit. If you’re not planning on taking off your hat, treat yourself to a low maintenance down-do that looks great under any type of headgear.

Don’t forget lips

Your poor lips take a battering during the winter months. If you’re a winter sports fan, you’ll know the importance of keeping some lip balm to hand to prevent chafing and sores developing.

Spend some money on a good quality, protective lip balm that, like your moisturiser carries a high SPF number to protect against the sun’s rays even in winter.

Stay hydrated

The best thing you can do for your hair and skin is to keep hydrated. This is equally as important in winter as it is in summer. Stay well stocked with a reusable bottle and drink regularly throughout the day.

Water will help restore your body from harmful toxins, keep everything functioning exactly as it should and help skin to maintain its natural elasticity and radiance. It has a similar effect on your hair and eyes, making it the number one beauty tip for skin and hair health.

Saving the best for last, drink plenty of water these holidays and spend some time looking after yourself to get the most out of the festive season.

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