These days every modern woman needs as much help saving the time as she can get. We should not compromise with our beauty and health, we still can save a bit of time on this.

While living in London, I always look for the ways to save the time. I thought Laser Hair Removal is one of the ways. I should always look my best when working and attending many interesting events. Shaving legs and underarms take time and sometimes can be annoying. In the meantime, waxing is very painful and I am allergic to hair removal creams. I believe, many women can relate to it. So, I started considering laser.

First, I set up a meeting with a practitioner who explained me all the procedure and a patch test to check how my skin reacts to the laser. For those who don’t know about laser procedure, I’ll explain. Basically, the hair follicles are gradually heating up under the skin with gentle pulses of laser energy. So, the hair can no longer produce new hair. 

So, what do I think about the laser hair removal procedure? First, it is virtually pain-free. It didn’t require any prior preparation. I just had to shave. During the treatment, I felt the warmth only and little tickles. After hair removal treatment I was able to come back to work. I actually was concerned that the skin will become a bit dry. It didn’t happen. The procedure took for half an hour. The other good thing is that this treatment is suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin, as well as different hair types. It is because the clinic uses the award-winning Soprano Xli laser. 

I had laser hair removal at Pulse Clinic in Mayfair which is a very comfortable location for most of the clients including me. I like that it is a boutique clinic that offers very personalized service for its clients. I received personal messages from the owner Maria Philippeos who actually was doing my patch test. I truly felt like VIP.

If you want to try laser hair removal services, go to its website and book your free consultation.

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