Have you ever put on an outfit you thought would look amazing, only to feel that it falls flat once you step in front of a mirror? You were sure the outfit would look great, but it doesn’t. Why can’t all of your outfits look like the Instagram shots that fashion bloggers take?

Well, they can. Here are some helpful tips you can use to finish your outfit off in style. You’ll wonder what you ever did without them!

Try Tucking Your Top In

First of all, make sure your top isn’t drowning you or that it doesn’t look a little out of place with the rest of your outfit. If you think it is drowning you and you’d like to make it more fitting, you can try tucking it in, which can look great with jeans or a skirt. Alternatively, you can knot it for a cool vibe. This looks great with oversized t-shirts and even flannel shirts.

Add The Right Jewellery

Jewellery really will make or break your outfit, so don’t underestimate its importance. You should be slowly working your way up to building a great collection of pieces that you love, that can be worn for any occasion. Take a look at various necklaces, rings, and even mk watches. A watch is a fast way to update your outfit, and layering your jewellery can look really cool.

Try A New Accessory

Why not try something new, like a hat or a pair of cool glasses? Accessories can quickly bring an outfit to life and stop it from looking boring. A hat might be just what you need!

Add A Clashing Colour or Print

Maybe it’s actually the colours of your outfit that need to be updated. Try adding a clashing colour or print to create some cool contrast that won’t go unnoticed! If you’re not used to wearing bright colours or prints, try starting simply, with a bag or a pair of shoes.

Add More Texture to your outfit

Texture is key to any outfit, so assess whether your outfit has enough of it. You might want to add more with something fluffy, suede, or with something that has tassels. Get creative and stop your outfit from looking flat!

Roll Up Your Jeans

Your jeans might actually be drowning you and stopping your outfit from looking cool. Try rolling up the cuffs. This can work on both boyfriend style jeans and skinny jeans. It helps to show off a great pair of shoes and can make your outfit look more interesting.

Show Off Your Socks

If you’re wearing boots, let your socks peek out from the top of them. You can also do this with Converse, and a plethora of other shoe styles. Consider buying some novelty socks or some pretty socks you’d like to show off with the rest of your outfit.

Use the above tips to finish your outfit off in style and you’ll see what it has been missing all along. Leave your thoughts below!

*Collaborative Post
Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels


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