When the weather is gorgeous, nobody wants to spend long hours in the kitchen preparing food. It’s all about going to the parks or beaches, making barbecues in your own gardens and enjoying all the best summer is offering.

What can be better than a light delicious summer snack to pair with the glass of wine or beer. Or to wake up your taste buds before enjoying barbecue… I recently got to try some delicious food and came up with extremely simple yet delicious and quite fulfilling snacks. It sometime serves as a dinner for me.

I chose crackers from Peter’s Yard instead of bread. Matched it with cheese, pickled walnuts and baby tomatoes or green olives. Peter’s Yard offers different taste and even colour crackers, so you have a variety of tastes. My personal favourites are the ones with charcoal. Let me add, it is Swedish-inspired company.

I never been a big fan of cheddar but the one from Wyke completely change my mind. The taste was a bit salty but very rich and soft. I recently discovered, my body doesn’t tolerate any kind of cheese well. I didn’t feel this effect while I enjoyed the cheddar from Wyke. But you still have to be careful if you have allergy for milk products. Wyke Farms is a family company, so you can always expect good quality and taste.

The most interesting ingredient of these snacks is pickled walnuts. I never tried it before and even never heard about it before. If I didn’t get a chance to try it, I would never bought it. However, it is becoming my favourite snack and I will be enjoying it very often. It is vegetarian (for those who concerns about it), has not many calories. Most important, it is delicious and suits well for different snacks and salads.

I hope you will enjoy these summer snacks like I do. Let me know, what do you think in the comments section.

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