We’ve all heard the phrase “beauty is pain” before, right? It’s the kind of thing that most of us have ended up internalising to the point that if your outfits aren’t at least a little bit uncomfortable, you may well start wondering if it’s actually any good in the first place. Well, the truth is that there really is no reason why you should have to hurt yourself in order to look great. The idea that you should is just another lie sold to us by a society that’s trying to sell us as many products as possible. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can look good while still staying comfy.

Embrace casual wear

Listen, none of us can be dressed up to the nines at every moment of every day. Sometimes you really do just have to take the opportunity to wear something a little more casual and comfortable. Of course, just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean that it can’t look great. Styles like Cotton On offer a fantastic range of different clothes that are both incredibly stylish and feel just amazing against your skin! There’s no reason why you should feel like you have to get dressed up all of the time. There’s nothing wrong with a lazy day in some comfy clothes.

Know your fit

Of course, even the best outfit in the world is going to look pretty terrible if it doesn’t fit. Far too often, most of us are forced to feel as though the only way to look good is to be a certain size. This leads us to buy clothes that are too small and end up looking and feeling pretty miserable. Whereas, if you actually embrace your size and your fit and buy clothes that are the right size, you’re going to end up both looking and feeling a whole lot better without doing any work at all.

Give your skin a break

Makeup is great, there’s no doubt about that. It lets people express themselves. It helps them feel more confident, and it can bring those precious final touches to any outfit. However, if you’re going out with a full coat of paint on every single day then your skin is going to start to suffer for it. Make sure to give it a break so that you don’t end up dealing with breakouts, discomfort or even some pretty serious pain.

Not only that but it’s always worth getting used to the way you look without makeup. After all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going all natural.  Take example from me. Personally, I feel comfortable without make up.  I wear it only on special occasions and my skin looks young and beautiful.

One of the most important things to remember is that looking good is never really as important as feeling good. If you’re wearing clothes that you actually like and that fit you well, you’re going to be far more happy and confident. It is always going to do more for the way you look than just about anything else. Embrace clothes that are right for you instead of trying to force yourself to fit into a look that doesn’t really work for you.

Photos by Spencer Selover from Pexels & from the personal archive
* Collaborative post.


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