Last week I attended an evening with Carter Savoy hosted by amazing Sherry Claridge. It was dedicated to launch the winter collection. It contains twelve nicely designed fabrics, inspired by Scabal’s collection of Salvador Dali paintings. Radio presenter Hayley Palmer, model and beauty queen Becca Winkball, various business owners and entrepreneurs were among the guests. We enjoyed champagne and canapes. The best part of the evening was of course checking the new collection, visiting the Carter Savoy studio and meeting the CEO Sunil Chopra. He is very known personality in London’s luxury bespoke tailoring community. He certainly knows what  it takes to make man look good!

Nice clothes are important for men’s image as much as for women’s. It helps make a right first impression at work or event. While speaking with “Diplomat Magazine”, Sunil revealed that “an expertly crafted handmade suit can help define your political message”. That’s why Carter Savoy Studio is not just only focusing on highly fashionable suits made with the best quality but also is looking for the ways to customise bespoke suits. It is made by the expert tailors who make sure that every suit fits perfectly to the body and is unique as much as the client wants.

To learn more book your appointment on the website.

Photos by Sebastiano Ragusa.


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