The second show I attended at Stockholm Fashion Week was by the brand called Busnel. It was different from by Malina by its idea, colours and presentation. If the first show I attended showcased the whole range for the modern woman, the second was focusing more on smart casual wear for high-profile woman and man (there were couple looks for men too) who are conscious about their image. And who in general want to look good.

So, what is special about this collection? First, colours! In fact, I didn’t see any bold colours. It was rather neutral like cloud grey, salty caramel, foam white, sunny red and blush pink. All clothes were decorated with the golden signature buttons that, according to the designer, are contributing to an impression of femininity. Also, Busnel introduced new materials into the newest collection like a stone washed linen and espadrilles in canvas, suede and leather.

The brand was created in 1920 by Monsier and Madame Busnel. Thereafter, Anita Falkenberg brought it to Scandinavia. When she first introduced Busnel 1970, the knitted Victoria Jacket with golden anchor buttons became a significant symbol for the breakthrough of the modern woman during that time.

In conclusion the brand is about combining the authentic French heritage with Scandinavian fashion characteristics of new thinking and responsibility for production standards. Today, the heritage is still essential, as the focus still lays on high quality, luxury fabrics and clean silhouettes for the chic and sophisticated woman.

Check below for my favourite images from the newest Spring/Summer 2019 collection.


Words by Dovile Mal
Information from Busnel website
Photos from

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