Last week I was invited to Billie Faiers x Kiss Products Event at the Marylebone Hotel. It was a good occasion to celebrate as Billie Faiers was announced the new brand ambassador. Many celebrities and influencers joined the celebration including John Galea, Lauren Bannon, Kalon Rae, Larissa Eddie and others. Billie Faiers was of course in attendance too. She looked gorgeos in amazing polka dot dress. Funny enough, I chose polka dot dress too. Only in different colour.

People enjoyed champagne, specially created cocktails, delicious canapes and beautiful jazz tunes from the band. In addition, everyone got a chance to try new nails and eyelashes, henna tattoos. My most favourite activity was the networking.

I chose to try the Kiss nails and henna but didn’t try the lashes. As much as I’d like trying them, I have to be careful about my sensitive eyes. In the meantime, it was fun to have long nails for a while. Henna tattoo looked gorgeous and I actually started considering getting a real tattoo.

What would be my thoughts about the nails? They looked amazing. And it was very easy to apply it and later take them off. The best thing, they didn’t ruined my real nails. I could recommend Kiss nails for everyone. It is a fantastic help when you need a quick manicure. However, I have to be honest with my readers. Personally, I don’t wear long nails. I prefer short nails as I have to take my contact lenses off. Long nails also don’t help when I play piano. I hope Kiss will consider produsing a range of short nails. I would definitely be interested in buying them.

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