Since I moved to London, I tried to explore everything this city has to offer best. So, no surprise I saw several musicals including The Phantom Of The Opera, We Will Rock You and others. The one I remember most is H.M.S Pinafore. It was a total contrast to the big commercial musicals that most people know. It was based on a comical opera and shown in a very small theatre in Southwark. I was extremely impressed how they managed to show the entire musical in such a intimate space and didn’t think that I will be able to see something similar again. Until this week.

While attending one of the networking events, I met talented actor, musician and writer Michael Rasmussen from Denmark, who invited me to see the new musical “Mess” he wrote and he is one of the main actors in it. As being the big fan of musicals, I immediately said “Yes”.


It was shown at the Other Palace Theatre, that deserves some introduction too. It is owned by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Weber and is a place to discover, develop and promote new musicals from within the UK and beyond. At the moment it is showing Edinburgh Fringe Previews. Mess is part of it.


So, what do I think about this musical? When I arrived to the theatre I immediately remembered my earlier mentioned H.M.S. Pinafore. The studio was small and intimate. There was no space for the big orchestra. Besides only two actors, there were only three musicians to create the musical atmosphere. There was no catchy songs that would sit in my head all the way  home… But there were some serious topics about modern relationships and how our life sometimes become a mess. Through the music, dancing, laughter and tears, the play discusses how important is friendship and opening up in the world where people are more interested in social media than connecting with each other. Everyone can relate to that especially young people.

Michael Rasmussen and his partner Imy Halsey did a great job keeping audience interested. I can’t wait to see what they will create next. In the meantime if you happen to be in Edinburgh, go to see Mess yourself!

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