I recently got chance to try Got2B Schwarzkopf dry shampoo and couldn’t wait to share my experience with you.

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of dry shampoo. I tried several ones and I didn’t like any of them. There always was white residue on my hair. My head felt very itchy. Most of the time, the effect of clean and beautiful hair kept disappearing. It didn’t work like I expected. For that reasons, I didn’t use any dry shampoo for a very long time. However, I was so busy one week that I simply didn’t have enough time to wash my hair. And, of course, I didn’t want to go out while looking awful.

So, I decided to try Schwarzkopf Got2B. What I didn’t expect that it was literally the best dry shampoo I ever tried. First, my hair felt very clean and nice. There was no white residue and my head didn’t feel itchy. Also, after using Got2B my hair smelled nice. I was able to focus on my daily tasks instead of feeling uncomfortable. So, I am very comfortable to recommend you this shampoo.

Schwarzkopf is one of the most famous hair companies and Got2B is its brand that helps trendy people to reflect their personalities while creating interesting, original styles and keep it fresh and clean. As you know, the first impression is always very important. Every day we have to impress many people at work, parties, dates and other occasions. It helps a lot when you try to go to the gym and want to keep your hairstyle nice and clean. Socialites use it at festivals, bloggers and fashionistas during fashion weeks. Probably one of the best things about Schwarzkopf is that everyone can afford it. The ration of the price and quality is very good.

So, don’t hesitate and use Got2B to keep yourself beautiful and confident. Check Schwarzkopf website for the other products.



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