When it comes to one thing that can make or brake the style, it is no brainier. Shoes.
Many women live their busy lives and have many additional duties to attend throughout the day. Sometimes they even don’t have time to change their outfits. I speak from my personal experience. I have days when during the day I have to be at work and later to go to the event. And I don’t have time to go back home to make myself beautiful. Accessories and especially shoes always save the day. It can completely change the look.
I enjoy wearing beautiful high heels during the events but I prefer wearing more comfortable shoes during the day. One of my favourite shoe brands “JD Williams” offer a lot of different styles and colours for every occasions. It also offers different width so everyone can feel comfortable and beautiful…  This season I am obsessed with white and gold shoes. So for the day I chose white trainers and for the evening – golden open-toe heels.

White trainers not only look elegant but also save my legs from getting tired. It also very comfy when I have to run to the busses or trains. It helps to exercise and save some time.

You can find more white shoes from JD Williams here.

Golden heels look very elegant, luxurious and go well with different outfits and colours. Open-toe heels visually make legs look longer.

Find your beautiful golden heels here.

So, when I have a busy day to survive, I always choose classically looking dress and golden vintage jewellery my mum gave me. I just change the shoes…

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