Smile is the biggest asset for every person who takes care her or his career and personal brand. It helps to look more approachable, it helps to make friends… So, it is important to take care of your teeth.

I used a simple toothbrush for years and was kinda sceptical about electronic devises. Then I’ve got some problems with my gums. Even though, my teeth were still healthy, my doctor told me to take extra care of them in order to improve health of my gums. Following her orders, I started using different things for dental to improve gums’ condition and realized I wasn’t brushing well enough. So, to make my life easier I started using electronic toothbrush.

Recently, I was offered to try a new  toothbrush. First, I was a bit stunned with it’s appearance. No surprise, people called it an iPhone of toothbrushes. The appearance and the colour is elegant but very modern. Toothbrush is pretty small and light and it last without charging quite sometime. So I can easily take it to my travels without any stress. It has a cover to save it from the dusts and a little plastic stand to keep it standing straight. I enjoy using this toothbrush. It’s not too hard on the teeth, so it would not damage gums. And the sound is not too loud.

There was also whitening kit included with the toothbrush. I would like to comment on that as it doesn’t work for me. Trays melted too quickly and it didn’t stay well on my teeth. Also, I can’t keep things in my mouth for a long time. I was not able to keep the trays with whitening gel in my mouth for 30 minutes. I didn’t experience the effect of whiter teeth. But I advice you to try it and decide yourself.

There is another reason to try Uber Sonic toothbrush and the whitening kit. It is so cheep so it would be a shame not to buy it. Start pack cost only £19. And if you will join the club on the  Uber Sonic website, you will receive the refills 6 times per year only for £9. You can cancel it any time.

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