Festival season is quickly approaching. Everyone knows that it is better to travel to the festivals together with friends because it is more fun. So, why not to book a party bus…? And enjoy the trip together… The other reason to travel by coach is an opportunity to see what does it feel to travel like a rock star on his/her tour. “Travelling by coach can be great fun” – says Brendan Sheerin, the host of the popular reality TV programme “Coach Trip.”

I know sometimes there is too much hassle to find the cheap bus and booking it for the certain dates. Coachfinder is your answer. It offers people an access to UK’s largest network of 700 coach operators for easy and great value coach hire. The Coachfinder network includes a wide choice of vehicles including minibuses, buses and VIP coaches. The website will also provide the information about hotel bookings , ferry crossings and various events information. Later in the summer, people will get the opportunity to book these elements simultaneously. Curious travelers will be able to pay not just by cards but also using PayPal. It will help them to save not just money but also the time.

I was one of few lucky ones who attended the launch event of Coachfinder new website. The event took part at one of the coach busses. We enjoyed the presentation. fun chat with the Coachfinder ambassador Brendan Sheerin, glass of Moet champagne and the lunch. And for one hour we’ve got the chance to discover London again as the driver drove us around the central London with Brendan making some fun comments. The famous host also shared fun stories from his trips, TV show, gave some advises about going on trip by coach. I enjoy the time very much.

Coachfinder website will be launch soon. Don’t forget to check it!

Words/Info: Dovile Mal/PR company
Photos: PR company

7 thoughts on “Traveling To Festivals With Coachfinder…”

  1. That sounds like an awesome event! Glad you got to be a part of it. I think it’s a convenient way to travel and one that people should definitely take advantage of.

  2. Coachfinder sounds super cool! I love festivals and go to as many as I can. This would come in super handy!

  3. Coachfinder sounds like a very useful tool! I don’t go to a ton of festivals, but I imagine it would be helpful in the event I do make it to one!

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