Career in music can be magical but most of the time – difficult to achieve. There are many sleepless nights, difficult jobs and of course rejections to be involved. Sometimes you watch stars performing and can’t imagine how many rejections they had to experience through their careers. Even being the biggest celebrities sometimes doesn’t save from the rejections.

I remembering watching a video from The Voice where the West end star Kerry Ellis decided to try her luck. I was so curious to find out which one of four judges will turn around for such a talented singer. And imagine my disappointment when no one turned around. Can you imagine, how did she feel after? After the audition Kerry said that not succeeding in the competition was a character building for her.

Kerry Ellis wasn’t only star that been rejected on musical TV show. The judges on American Idol were not too careful choosing contestants and rejected some talents who later became huge stars and some of them even won Grammy’s. I am talking about Naya Rivera, Amber Riley (both from famous TV show “Glee”), Lady Antebellum, Mary Lambert, Jordin Sparks and some others. YouTube channel Ms Mojo listed 10 famous artists who were rejected by American Idol at least ones.

All these artists are perfect examples how to reach for the dream and not to take the rejections personally. If it would happen to me, probably I would hide at home for weeks. I was wondering why my 2017 was so boring year and realised that I was not taking enough risks. I chose a comfort zone over the fun and exciting life and in the end I failed anyway. So, this year will be different to me. I already took some risks and try not to take rejections personally. So far, my life feels better and more exciting.

Words: Dovile Mal
Photos: Billboard


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