I have to admit I never realised how important the appearance is until I learned about the guy named Gwilym Pugh. His story showed that it is good to be smart. But it is also very important in these days to look right if you want to make a change. Overweight businessman went through amazing transformation and now is modelling with David Beckham.

The Story Of Gwilym Pugh

It seems the career of Gwilym Pugh went pretty well. However, he wasn’t very happy about his health and appearance, so he decided to change something in his life. So Gwilym started eating healthy and being active. He tried walking around 15 000 steps a day. The other reason, this guy decided to change his appearance, was the thing that Gwilym started a music band. According to “Mirror”, the hairdresser advice Mr. Pugh to get a beard if he is playing in a folk band.

After loosing the weight and growing the beard Gwilym joined the Instagram. Today this handsome man is famous model living his life to the fullest and enjoying himself a lot.

The Impact Of The Personal Look

Many researches prove that looking good impacts the career. According Business Insider “research shows that your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion”. And if you will combine your appearance with communication skills, the behaviour of the others towards you will be influenced too.

So, if you fancy getting the promotion, bigger wage, access to the decision makers, if you want to be trusted to get the good information, you need to develop your communication skills and take care of your look.

Words: Dovile Mal
Sources: Mirror, Business Insider
Photo: Wales Online


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