London is a beautiful city that offers many amazing opportunities including trying delicious food from different countries and cultures. And I am using these opportunities as much as possible. Belgo cached my eyes a while ago.

Belgian food is certainly not the most popular food to try when you are thinking about trying the food from different country. Belgium is known more for beers than food. That’s why I was curious about it. And that’s why I was hoping Belgian food will be delicious. For those who haven’t heard yet about this food chain, Belgo is described as the favourite Belgian beer and food emporium that specialises mussels, frites and obviously beer. It introduces over 62 Belgian beers and also beers from different countries. It is like a paradise for a curious beer drinker. Sadly, it is not me.

So, of course I ordered house special – mussels (I chose ones with garlic and herbs) and frites also known as fries. I decided to avoid beer as I am not the biggest fan of this drink. I tried it in many countries including Belgium but didn’t manage to like it. In the meantime, I managed to eat the whole bowl of mussels but I can tell it is the food I can’t live without. I have to admit it wasn’t bad and I am happy I’ve got a chance to try. However, it wasn’t my favourite food. But I enjoyed frites very much.

I decided to order dessert too. Belgium is known for the delicious waffles. And I enjoyed it in Brussels too several years ago when I visited my friend there. So, I decided to choose something else. I chose mini speculoos filled doughnuts with wiped cream and speculoos crumble. It was hot and delicious. And went well with latte. I enjoyed mini doughnuts. It reminded me a bit of the doughnuts my mum used to make for me when I was little. In the meantime, latte was quite average. Well, I don’t blame them. Belgians prefer beer.

One think, I didn’t enjoy was service. The restaurant was empty when I came in however, I had to wait for a while. Table was dirty. When I received the bill, I noticed they charged me too much. The mistake was fixed as soon as I showed it to the waiter. However, it was unpleasant end of my dinner.

4 thoughts on “Eating At Belgo…”

  1. Those mussels looks good, and yup. for Belgian food, I will go for waffle and Belgian chocolates. That’s not good if they have a slow service, even if they only have few people, they still need to make sure the service is great.

  2. Belgo is absolute paradise for beer lovers as you say!Ha-ha!62 different flavors is no joke. Anyway, I love waffles too much and I think I’d order that too at Belgo. The place looks just beautiful right from the outside.

  3. I really love Belgian food and I absolutely always get the mussels! Oh you’re so lucky! If you’re ever in Laguna Beach though, there’s a good restaurant that’s under ground called Brussels. They have great mussels too. Can’t wait to check this out when I go to London!

  4. It really is a shame about the service. I’ve never had any proper Belgian food other than pomme frites and waffles, but those are delicious!

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