When I arrived in London, I received the best personal branding advice from one producer – “You have to stand out”! In my case, my stand out at the time was the nationality and accent. And, after almost 12 years living in the UK, I still have an accent. But there are many other ways now. One of the most powerful ones is to appear on TV. Award-winning Television series “Made In Chelsea” gives an opportunity to the young influential people from West London, particularly Chelsea to showcase their lifestyle and develop careers in different areas like fashion, music, photography.

The show gives them a platform to speak their minds out. It let them stand out from the crowd that does similar things. Sometimes you can be extremely talented but what’s the point if you can not showcase it. Of course, there is a social media. But again! Everyone uses social media these days, so it would be difficult to stand out. Television gives that little bit extra opportunity to showcase yourself and your talents and to achieve more than anyone else. In the meantime, people who are watching, are learning about the cast members and what they do. People can learn about different life and can be inspired to change something in their lives.

When first aired, “Made In Chelsea” received mixed reviews from the critics. Some called it a fake reality soups that are so addictive. Other called pointless. However, it turned to be very popular amongst the fans. The show already counts the 15th season. A few weeks ago selected members of the media were invited to attend the preview of the new season. I was amongst the lucky ones.  The event started with a little preview and presentations. The members of the cast answered to some questions about the show and their other activities. Official part ended with my most favorite activity – live music from very talented Fredrik Ferrier. Although he performed covers, Fredrik proved to have a beautiful voice. I also learned, he plays piano and violin. I can’t wait to hear Fredrik’s original songs.

When the official part ended, people stayed for a little networking, drinks, and of course photos. It was great to catch up with Jaime Laing. I met him couple times at the press breakfasts for The Clothes Show. Jaime is known as a fabulous presenter as well as the founder of the premium gourmet sweet brand “Candy Kittens”. I also met a fellow blogger Natasha Kundi, who helped me and took my photos with the cast members of Made In Chelsea. It was a pleasure to meet Georgia Toffolo. She is still very young but already became an inspiration to millions. She won “I’m A Celebrity” and was offered a job at “This Morning”. Georgia is a perfect example how to build a powerful personal brand.

Words: Dovile Mal
Photos: Dovile Mal/Natasha Kundi


2 thoughts on “Made In Chelsea New Season Launch”

  1. Loved reading the post Dovile. It was an honour to be there. Everyone is so down to earth. It was lovely meeting you. I hope we meet again and inspire each other with our experiences. Can’t wait to watch season 15 of Made in Chelsea!

  2. I have to admit I have never watched Made In Chelsea before but I like cast members like Georgia as she was on ‘Im A Celebrity’ and ‘Celebs Go Dating’ and she was great on both. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself hanging out with various Made In Chelsea cast members, what would you say was your highlight if you could choose?

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