This week I am spending at my hometown Vilnius in Lithuania. The weather is quite chilly and what is better way to get warmer than enjoying hot coffee and delicious dessert.

I discovered “Ali Sokoladine” on Instagram checking Lithuanian celebs. All the cakes looked so beautiful… I decided to check if they are so delicious as beautiful.

It was not difficult to find “Ali Sokoladine”. It based in one of the most popular old town streets in Vilnius simply called “Vilnius Street”. I arrived in the middle of the day and the place was quite full. People were buying cakes for birthdays or just enjoying afternoon coffees with the desserts. Some of them were taking photos of the desserts and the place itself. I have to admit, place is definitely worth to be on the Instagram.

My Experience at Ali Sokoladine

So, what do I think about this place?! I chose milk chocolate and hazelnut cake and latte that I usually drink in London. I wasn’t disappointed. The coffee was delicious and no need to add sugar to make sweeter. And the cake was not too sweet and not too heavy. Personally for me it is very important. After treating myself I still was feeling energetic and able to enjoy the shopping. As I mentioned early the cake was also beautiful as delicious. Before eating I couldn’t resist and took a few photos.
And how about the price? To be honest, I don’t go to many coffee shops or restaurants in Vilnius as everyone in my family cooks well. So, I can compare prices at Ali Sokoladine only with London prices. And actually they are very similar.

So, would I recommend to eat the dessert at Ali? Definitely yes. But not every day. It is quite a special place with special cakes, so I would go there just for treating myself. The only thing, I hope they will offer customers more options in the nearest future. Otherwise, people will go to discover new places after trying all the desserts.

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