Nandos Recording Studio

Brands are always looking for the new ways how to attract the customers. Scientists proofed that music is the best choice to attract the attention. We’ve seen Starbucks collaborating with celebrities and selling CD’s, Cafe Nero gives unsigned musicians a platform to introduce new music and organize their concerts at its coffee shops. So, it’s Pizza Express. And these are just a few of existing examples.

Nandos is one of the newest food chains to introduce music to its customers. They opened a recording studio at its Soho restaurant hoping to attract attention from musicians. And this studio is completed with an in-house sound engineer and industry-standard equipment — including a Neumann U87 microphone. According to Nandos, space was design for emerging talent to develop their creativity and collaborate in familiar, relaxing surroundings. The cult restaurant went further and collaborated with celebrities like Stormzy and Ellan Eyre to mentor young artists. Most importantly, a studio is free to successful applicants. However, due to the huge interest, the studio is already booked until March.


In the meantime, the studio is visible to the customers of Soho restaurant. So, people can have a sneak peek into the backstage of the music industry and see how their favorite songs come to life. I remember how much I enjoyed my first visit to the recording studio at Metropolis Studios. However, they didn’t have peri-peri chicken there :).


Check Nandos website to learn more about the studio and its other musical collaborations.

Words: Dovile Mal
Photos: Business Insider

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