January for me is a new beginning as for many other people. And not just because of all those resolutions. December is the darkest, the worst month of the year for me. I lose motivation, I feel sad and depressed, I stop reaching my goals. Many years I thought that the reason for my sadness was that I was not celebrating the Christmas with my family. However, December was still sad and dark even though I knew I will be flying to see my family. But December is over, so let’s talk about the new beginning.

A few days ago I wrote about my goals/resolutions for this year. And what can be better to achieve the goals than commit publicly? If you remember the movie “Julie and Julia”, one of the main characters Julie starts writing a blog in order to commit and to finish something. Every day she is cooking and writing about it no matter what. The blog even gets in the way of her relationships. But in the end, everything finishes well. Julie gets her man back. She also achieves attention from media and ends up with some amazing offers. And the new beginning for her was a blog.

I started blogging 8 years ago and it brought me incredible opportunities, I met new interesting people. The blog helped to create my reputation. However, I didn’t push enough and the reputation kinda started fading. So, I call 2018 the new beginning and will try to regain my reputation and my power. Like Julie from that movie, I am planning to document my journey so I could help other people too. I noticed many people want to start writing a blog but don’t feel brave enough or don’t know where to start. I hope my journey will inspire them.
The other reason why I want to give more attention to my blog because writing helps me to release my bad energy and find solutions for my problems.

Let me know, what kind of challenges do you facing in your life or with your blog…

Words: Dovile Mal
Photos: Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

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