Things You Have To Know About Eduardo Verastegui


During the years in London, I met many inspirational people or learned about inspirational people. I came up with the idea telling introducing them on my blog. And here is the first post.

The inspiring man I am introducing you is from the other side of the pond and often named as Mexican Brad Pitt. I discovered Eduardo Verastegui recently but it turns I saw him before. At one of the Jennifer Lopez videos “Ain’t It Funny”.

As many Mexican actors, singers, and models, he started a career at the soap operas. Later he managed to expand horizons and introduce himself to the American & English public. He played & produced several movies including “Bella”, “Little Boy”, “The Butterfly Circus” and “Christiana”.  I discovered Eduardo after watching one of his movies “Bella”. It was the movie that touched my heart and made me think.

I started googling actors after watching the movie and learned how inspiring Eduardo Verastegui is. Here are some facts about this handsome man.

  • Actively involved in charities, he has established Manto de Guadalupe, a pro-life organization with worldwide outreach and offers a crisis pregnancy center for the unprivileged Latina Women. When promoting the movie “Little Boy”, Eduardo also offered free tickets to World War 2 veterans.
  • Eduardo Verastegui is considered a candidate for the next Mexican president. According to “Life Site News” Eduardo is in talks with a Mexican political party over the possibility of a run for the presidency of Mexico in 2018. The truth is that Eduardo doesn’t need to become president to make changes because he is doing already. If you will check Eduardo’s Instagram posts, you will notice that he made friends with many American politicians and is involved in many great initiatives.


  • The handsome actor is one of those rare people who save themselves for the loved ones and manage to suppress his sexual impulse. One of the juiciest news on Google that Eduardo is being celibate for more than 13 years. He explained: “Having sex with many  women made me insecure and using women as objects to feed your ego and  sexual appetite turns you into an animal; you’re disrespecting yourself and women (Hitberry)”

I am looking forward what Eduardo will do next. I hope he will be releasing a new album soon and will be staring at many interesting movies. It’s good to know that there are people who are changing the world by using their talents and arts. Music changes the world.

Follow Eduardo Verastegui on Instagram to check how he changes the world. And for more photos, of course :)!

Words: Dovile Mal

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