Here you go again… New Year started. And I am ready to begin a new chapter or even new book of my life. 2017 was a pretty quiet year. I have to admit, I didn’t reach many of my goals and still, I didn’t learn how properly manage my money. The biggest regret was that I didn’t post enough here.

However, I was doing some research, meditated and came up with some new ideas. Accidentally or not, I am re-starting my blog at the beginning of January. So, what I would like to change in 2018?

  1. To push the limits. When I arrived in London I didn’t speak English and I didn’t know a single person here. But it didn’t stop me. I was pushing myself to the limits to achieve my goals. I didn’t know the word “no” and I didn’t know what does it mean to fail. And success smiled to me. However, lately, I became a bit lazy and use my previous success but not going further. I want to change that. I want to start pushing limits again and go further with my goals and success.
  2. To commit until I will complete. I had many goals/resolutions that take a long time so I got bored or lost motivation. So, I dropped what I started and began the new resolutions. I want to change that in 2018 and finish something. And first, I want to finish perfecting my German on Duolingo and learning Spanish on Duolingo. This is something I am doing for a while now but didn’t manage to finish yet.
  3. To reduce the sugar cravings and emotional eating. It will help me to lose the weight and to save some money. So, I will be able to improve my appearance and health. It will help me to achieve my other goals.
  4. To learn to manage my budget. Fear of not having enough money stops me from achieving my goals. I think only about how to get more money and forget my actual goals. Then my life becomes dull, I get stressed and eat more sugary things. So this resolution is related to my previous one.
  5. To enjoy my life. I realized how many amazing people are in my life, how knowledgeable I am. So, instead of complaining about what I don’t have, I will use all the resources to enjoy my life and increase the quality of it.

Words: Dovile Mal
Photos:Bryce Barker on Unsplash

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