Scars and other imperfections on the skin are becoming a part of personal branding. People don’t want to see perfect models anymore. They want to see real people with real scars. However, everyone still want to look beautiful. Beautiful means confident. Being beautiful helps to trust yourself more while applying for the job or going to the date. In the age of social media, not everyone is brave enough to show their real side with all the imperfections.
The reason I am talking about it is quite personal. Just before flying for my Christmas holiday to Bavaria I badly burned my hand. I didn’t realize how bad it was until a week later. I have bad scars all over the fingers of my left hand. Obviously, it started healing but I don’t think it will disappear with the time. However, at the time the worst part of the hard skin – I can not practice playing piano properly.

I started looking how to soften my skin and make disappear the scar as much as possible. While doing some shopping couple days ago I popped to the Clarins counter and started chatting with the consultant. I wasn’t looking anything for healing. The question suddenly popped into my head and I asked the lady if she could recommend something. And indeed she was able to offer a Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. It actually isn’t created for the burned skin but it helps to calm extreme irritations and inflammations with the nurturing benefits of 90% pure plants extracts. It introduced on the Clarins website as an ultra-soothing “emergency” treatment for very sensitive skin. So, I tried. Did it help? It’s difficult to judge after using only ones but I have to admit my skin became a bit softer and I was able to move my hand fully for the very first time after the accident. Interesting enough, I never believed in miraculous healings but it seems Clarins serum works. At least a bit.

There are other companies offering solutions like Puriskin by Vanessa Blake Resurfacing Cream, various smoothing and ultra-calming creams from Dermatologica and others. I haven’t tried any of their serums or creams yet but maybe I will. Scar from burning heals slowly. So there will be many opportunities to try what is offered. Watch the space!`

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