I discovered the hair botox while I was scrolling Instagram photos. Ladies enjoyed the procedure and were happy about how their hair looks like after the procedure. As being crazy about my hair and a bit curious I decided to try the procedure myself. And I did it during my holiday in Lithuania…

For those who are not familiar with hair botox, it is a deep conditioning treatment that helps to restore the hair and make them look silky, hydrated, smooth, shiny and more youth-full, also easier to style. My hair stylist also promised that my hair will stop falling after the treatment. But the best thing about the treatment is that it is not a chemical treatment. It contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and lipids. And… It suitable for literally all the hair types. Side effects? Non! Remember, hair botox isn’t a chemical treatment.

So, what’s my opinion about the treatment? It’s been around 10 days since it was done and I absolutely love it. First, my hair doesn’t fall so much. Second, my hair stays still better and I can keep my fringes in places. I was not able to do that for a long time. Last night I attended the event where photographers took few photos of me. When I saw them, the first thing I noticed how beautiful my hair looks like. So, I definitely recommend it and I will repeat this procedure again in couple months.

If you are not able to try hair botox in the salon, you can always try it at home. There are some options to buy. Just check online for hair botox home kit, buy it and enjoy your beautiful shiny hair.

Below you can see how my hair looked before hair botox and after hair botox. Obviously, the effect could be seen better if hair was damaged (mine is healthy) but most important that I feel so much better and more beautiful…



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