When I received an invitation on Instagram to attend an event, I was not sure what to think. However, I decided to listen to my gut and to answers “yes” to the invitation and had an amazing time last week at Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge.

Based in North London, Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge is a beautiful piece of heaven with 600 seats hidden in  Kingsbury. While standing outside I did not think that there could be something special inside. But… After passing the restaurant I was led to a beautiful VIP area. And even that was not the best area at Shisha Lounge. The best area was a beautiful garden outside the VIP area. The lounge is also has a private area in the garden where people can enjoy their time using the Karoga – the unique Kenyan cooking experience. But let start from the beginning.

I arrived at Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge around 7 pm and was greeted with the welcome cocktail. There were some people there already. I chose to join the table where three girls were already sitting and soon I was trying to smoke shisha. However, I am not a smoker, so I was not impressed too much with this experience. Other than that the smoke didn’t bother me so I was able to stay there and enjoy the event fully.

Waiters were extremely nice and made everything to make my evening even nicer. I was introduced to the owners and some of the staff who told the incredible story behind the Shisha Lounge. It’s not just a restaurant but also a place for the people to unite and help each other. We were able to try delicious canapes, later the main course (that was served at Karoga and we enjoyed it in the garden) and cheesecake for the dessert. Everything was very delicious.

I’ve never been at Shisha Lounge before, so visiting Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge was an amazing first experience. I hope to visit this beautiful place again, hoping in the summer. So I will be able to enjoy the beautiful garden and to try Karoga with my friends.

Check Tiger Bay Shisha Lounge website for the menu and upcoming events.

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