Two years ago I was invited to attend a concert of an Americana band “JD And The Straight Shot“. The evening was rather relaxing and enjoyable. So, when a few days ago I received an invitation to attend a concert of the same band I RSVPed “yes”.

So, my Monday evening was well spent at the legendary venue of Soho Borderline listening to the new and old songs of the Roots/Americana band from New York “JD & The Straight Shot”. The band came back to London bigger and more interesting. The main members are still the same – James Dolan, Erin Slaver, Marc Copely, however, couple new members joined the band since I saw them last time live.

The Gig in London was the part of the European tour to celebrate the band’s new album “Good Luck and Good Night”. The band performed songs from the new album as well as the ones from the previous albums including “Never Alone”, “Moonlight”, “Ballyhoo”, “Better Find The Church” and of course the title song of the newest album “Good Luck and Good Night”. The performance was lively and entertaining. I enjoyed how the band communicated on the stage. They just not performed the songs but also showed a little show.

Check the website where the band will play next.

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