Last night I enjoyed a beautiful evening and The Songwriter Sessions at The North American Guitar showroom listening to the talented artists Rothwell, Alex Francis and Starsailor’s James Walsh performing. The event was dedicated to celebrating the launch of Taylor Guitars and hosted by the talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Montague who also is co-owner and managing director of The North American Guitar. As the event was dedicated to showcasing a brand new range of Taylor Guitars, all the artists tried these guitars during their sets. And the listeners got the chance to hear the sound of the guitars. As I don’t play guitar, it’s difficult to understand if the guitar is good. However, the sound of Taylor guitars was amazing and it looked good too.

Rothwell started the evening with the short but amazing set that included not just her original songs but also a cover by Nina Simone “Feeling Good”. It was refreshing as most artists perform mainly covers of the most popular songs. It was the second time I’ve seen Rothwell performing and I enjoyed all her songs. As the gig was completely acoustic and unplugged (probably you noticed in the photos – there are no microphones), she showed her voice in its true strength and beauty. For those who didn’t get a chance to attend any of Rothwell’s gig, she is a rising star who already performed at British Summer Time event, supported Ryan Adams, Phil Collins to mention a few. She is definitely one to watch the artist.

Alex Francis was the second to perform and he delivered his set perfectly. He played few songs from his old and new albums. It was the second time for me when I saw Alex performing and I have to say I enjoyed the acoustic set more. This only means that Alex and Rothwell are truly talented artists who don’t need tons of technology to impress listeners…

After a short break, James Walsh from the band Starsailor took the stage and played few of his bests songs including and one cover. He was the only artist I never heard performed live before. I wasn’t disappointed. James is not just a talented singer-songwriter but he also plays guitar amazingly and has a beautiful personality. It was a pleasure to listen him singing.

Speaking in general, the evening at The North American Guitar studio was amazing and very relaxing. I am sure I will be coming back when they will announce more events like this. I will keep you updated in my events calendar.

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