It is difficult to relax in these days when everyone is rushing when technology runs our lives… We are stressing about everything and forget about little pleasures in life. I am glad “Pizza Express” reminded it to me. I used to love cooking and baking and it used to be very relaxing and pleasant activity. However, I forgot about it when started living alone.

Last night I attended a Pizza Making Party at “Pizza Express” in Fulham Road. Started with an introduction and a chat with other awesome food bloggers (I guess I was a minority between all the food bloggers 🙂 ). We enjoyed prosecco, delicious doughs, and garlic bread, Then we joined lovely chef John and our amazing hostess Maria at the private room where they demonstrated how to make a perfect pizza. We followed chef’s instruction and created pizzas that we ate later. We finished the evening with the delicious desserts and coffee. I enjoyed the evening and I enjoyed the environment. The place looks fabulous and I am definitely planning to come back there again. I love that I can see how chefs are making pizzas and I am sure many of you like it too. And after if you tempted to learn to make the delicious pizza yourself, just ask the staff about booking Pizza Making party :).

Pizza Making activity is available for everyone. So if you ever come to Fulham Road, don’t forget to visit Pizza Express and enjoy it as I enjoyed. It’s an amazing activity for families or friends, during parties. Why would I recommend it? It is relaxing, fun, bonding (I had an awesome time with the girls I saw the first time in my life). They have certificates to reward you, so it could be a confidence booster for children and fun for adults. Although, eating pizza could be a guilty pleasure for some of the people but I am sure you can forget it for one night especially when you can make yourself a vegetarian pizza and feel happy eating it.

It’s worth to mention that Pizza Express in Fulham Road is a newly revamped restaurant that has a new Pizziaolo kitchen space and new bar area. The inspiration for the bar came from two significant figures in Fulham’s history – designer and potter, William De Morgan, and explorer and naturalist, William John Burchell. The exciting new dĂ©cor boasts Jacobean oak stained timber wall paneling, elegant pendant lighting, and comfortable banquette, booth and settle seating. Rich colors and exquisite patterns feature in the artwork paying tribute to work of De Morgan and Burchell.

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