When I was invited to attend the global unveiling of the decade’s most remarkable artist collaboration, I did not know what to expect. However, curiosity won and I spent the evening at the Trinity House Painting Gallery in central London with my friend enjoying paintings and the company of amazing people.

Mona Lisa

One painting was most important. The replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting “Mona Lisa” painted by John Myatt. Taking the first look you would not think there is something important about that replica. But if you come closer, you can see there is something in Mona Lisa’s left eye. Take the even closer look, use magnifier and you will see another Mona Lisa’s painting in her eye. Talented artist Willard Wigan painted this miniature masterpiece using one of his eyelashes. It was difficult to believe that this could be possible until I saw it with my own eyes.

Both artists attended the event organized by VeryFirstTo and shared their thoughts and experiences about their amazing collaboration. Willard Wigan said that he hated every moment of a process because there was no room for mistakes while painting something that small size. It’s worth to mention that his work also includes¬†a portrait of the queen cut into a coffee bean produced specially for Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

Check more amazing works of Willard Wigan.

By the way, if you have a spare £1 million you can buy this masterpiece at the luxury website VeryFirstTo.

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