Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a nice personal present for our loved ones. I’ve read many articles lately that the best is to give money. So, your beloved one can buy whatever she or he wants. But it does not always work. For example, when you are looking for the gift for your parents. Usually, I and my brother send our parents to the spa. This way they can relax and take care of the health.

A few weeks ago I discovered something else. It’s cheap and pretty personal. I attended Christmas in July festival where many luxury brands introduced the best gifts for Christmas.  I’ve got an opportunity to order a personalized case for my mobile phone. I was about to do it but soon changed my mind and ordered the case for my mum and about to order one for my dad.

I thought it is a good idea. I put photos of myself and my brother on the case so my parents can see us every day. As you know I am from Lithuania but live in London for more than ten years. My brother moved to Denmark last years. Our parents don’t see us so often like they would if we would live in Lithuania. So personalized cases for their phones is a good present.

However, if you are ordering the personalized case for yourself, it’s a good opportunity to express your personality and to showcase your personal brand. The phones are one of the things we use every day and people see it. If you read books or articles about personal brand, you already know that every single accessory matters. So choose carefully.

Order your personalized case from the Case Station.

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