Couple days ago I accidentaly read a blog post where the girl disscussed if the bloggers can wear clothes from labels such as Primark. Few months ago another blogger wrote the post complaining that her readers expect her to wear designers clothes. So, does the label matter?

Dress To Impress

When I started in music & fashion industries I tried to impress people so I used to buy many clothes. Most of them were dresses for the events. However, none of them cost more than £20. I didn’t feel like spending more for the dress because it’s difficult to style it to wear more than once at the event. I felt similarly about the accessories. I remember, once I was looking to buy the black high heels to wear at the charity event. In the end, I had to spend £65 and I was not very happy about it. I have to admit, it was one of the best buys because the quality of the heels was great and I wore them for few years without damaging.

I did not care much about the labels. But I always tried to look my best. And I always received a lot of attention, been photographed by many photographers, asked to make comments about the events.

Underdress Or Overdress

There was the time when I was not able to go after work to change into something fancy. scoootsOnce, I wore my gray knitted dress at work when my friend called and invited me to the house party. That what he said. When later I arrived at the place I realized there was no simple house party but celebrity event where people wore designer clothes and looked amazing. I stayed at the party anyway but felt invisible and been ignored by photographers and press. It happened several other times when I did not care much about dressing up and chose to wear black simple clothes. So, it’s better to overdress than underdress.

Does the label actually matter?

However, the truth is that the label does not matter much. And especially in the days when brands copy each other and Primark, French Sole or Pretty Ballerinas shoes look exactly like the pair of Prada or Channel.

More important is to look original, classy and chic. People will judge your overall look, not the labels. Even the biggest celebrities wear the mix of high street brands and designers brands.

And what to do if you get in the situation when you spend the whole day at work and you have to go to the fancy event in the evening? I learned that the accessories matter most. Always have a red lipstick, mascara and the high heels in your handbag. It fixes any outfit and makes you look so much better and feel better.

I still don’t spend a lot of money for the clothes. I choose clasic style, suited for every ocasion. In the meantime, I try to find original and interesting accesoiries like shoes, handbags, jewelleries. Because accesoiries are what matters.

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