Music and Champagne are my two favourite things. And they match together very well.

Photo from FoodBevThe newest collaboration offers limited edition music box packaging which allows people listen to their most favourite music wherever they want while enjoying Lanson champagne. So, it’s a perfect idea for the party or an intimate evening with the loved one. The packaging has a special resonance system that produces an amplified sound when people connect it to a smartphone. Packaging is available in two colours – pink and black.

This limited edition music packaging will be available for a month from 30 August to 29 September at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris (suddenly, it is the place I want to visit). For those who will not travel through this airport, the white version is already available from Moonpig.

I think this is a great collaboration and an awesome idea luxury brand ever came up with. Ans the fact that is a temporary offer makes this product is more exclusive and desirable. What do you think? Would you buy it as a present? Have you ever seen more creative ideas brands came up with?

Source: FoodBev

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