I recently started using Espa shampoo and conditioner for my hair and can’t be happier how the condition of my hair looks so much better now and feels better. And I started receiving compliments about my hair again.

As some of you know, the thing I spend the most money for is hair. I always look for the best products. I always think, how can I make my hair look more healthy and beautiful. I discovered Espa through Tatler magazine. When received one of the issues, I found a gift card to choose beauty product from Espa. The first thing I checked was if this company has something for hair (my obsession is obvious). It had. so I ordered shampoo and bought conditioner.

I noticed results after first use. My hair was softer, looked shinier and it felt cleaner for the longer time than when I used my usual products. No surprise. Espa created a range of purifying and nourishing formulas treat the hair from root to tip, for a healthy scalp and beautifully sleek, shiny hair. The other good thing that the both products are concentrated so I don’t need a lot to wash my hair. So it lasts longer and totally worth the price. My overall thought about it – I love shampoo and conditioner and will definitely keep using it.

Buy shampoo, conditioner and other products on Espa website.

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