Beauty In Your Eyes

In the days of technology, the most important thing we have to take care of is our eyes. Beautifully looking eyes guaranties not just health but the beauty too. Eyes get tired, dried out, become red when we spend a lot of time on the computers and mobile phones. It is an especially difficult situation if you are wearing contact lenses. I know it because I do wear. So, I always give a special attention to my eyes.

Lately, I’ve got a chance to try a ‘Thera Pearl’ mask and ‘Murine’ eye drops. Drops is an always good idea and especially when the sommer is coming with the dry and hot weather. When I tried ‘Murine’, I felt everything it promises. It moisturized, refreshed and soothed irritation. However, it blurred a bit my vision for a second too (that was written on the back of the bottle). The only thing I was not very happy about ‘Murine’ is that I can not use it while wearing the contact lenses. So, I will be using it only at home on weekends. For the rest of the days, I will look for the different brand.

I was very happy about receiving ‘Thera Pearl’ mask. It is an incredibly useful thing for the beauty and health. I used to have a mask for the night before and it was very helpful for getting asleep. So, I can’t wait to try the new mask. And I have to admit, I am a bit addicted. It relaxes and helps asleep. Also, it reduces a headache. According to the description, this mask can help to relieve the puffy eyes and reduce the swelling after the cosmetic procedure. As I haven’t experienced that yet I can not confirm it. However, I can confirm that mask helps to have a good rest and makes eyes look more beautiful and healthy.

Thanks to my friend Ryan & Superdrug for such a lovely present.

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