Last night I was invited to try delicious treats at the famous mozzarella bar ‘Obica’ in Soho made by their new creative chef  Alessandro Borghese. I have to admit, I don’t attend many events like this so I was not sure what to expect. However, evening at Obica exceeded my best expectations. I enjoyed delicious healthy food that contained mozzarella, drank prosecco and met many interesting people.

Will I come back there again? Sure, definitely. Conveniently based in the heart os Soho, mozzarella bar pairs delicious mozzarella with simple fresh traditional Italian products and creates incredibly delicious meals. It also offers a nice list of the finest wine and Tiramisu to die for. They do have other desserts but I always judge Italian food by the taste of Tiramisu. Not every can make it right. Chef Alessandro Borghese nailed it. Last but not least great thing about this mozzarella bar is prices. They’re not too big so you can eat a lot because when you will try the food at Obica, you’ll order more.

There are few other Obica locations in London, so check its website and go enjoy delicious Italian food.

Thanks to a lovely Kaja from The Button Club for the invitation.

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