On Monday Wolf & Badger organized a Mother’s Day shopping evening at their Dover street boutique in Mayfair where regular customers were not jus able to choose presents for their moms but also enjoy prosecco, macaroons, fresh strawberries and more… The biggest attention was dedicated to jewelry designers. They introduced the exclusive collections and most beautiful pieces. I have to admit, I was very happy because accessories are more important than clothes. They change the whole look and improve it a lot.

I am quite picky and shopping becomes even more difficult when there is such a big choice of original pieces of jewelry. I can not tell which collection was the best one or which one was my most favorite as they all were original and unique.

Azza Fahmy

I loved Azza Fahmy collection because of its story. Beautifully handcrafted rings carrying Egyptian origins and inspired by Victorian themes. And those earrings and necklaces…. I bet wearing them I would feel like Cleopatra. Check Azza Fahmy website for more exquisite pieces of jewelry.


“Misis” collection was another beautiful and original collection of jewelry. It is an Italian brand inspired by nature dedicated to the self-confident modern women who are looking for jewelry to express their mood and emotions… Find more on Misis website.


In this competitive world, we sometimes lose our self-confidence and we find ourselves in need of emotional support. I have a bracelet that says “If You can dream it, you can achieve it”. Irish designer Aine Breen came up with an idea to create necklaces, rings, earrings inspired by the ancient meaning of Chinese characters, Celtic symbols and her Native home. Liwu means ‘gift’ that is thought provoking with the hidden message from giver wishing luck, success or whatever he/she wants to with to the receiver. Check Liwu website for inspiration.

Olivia Grace

Olivia Grace is a London jewellery brand created by designer Helena Lappin. It offers fine jewellery pieces, using diamonds and precious gemstones designed for a classy but modern woman who  wants to express herself in accesoiries.


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