It’s always a pleasure to visit Tramp. It’s a sophisticated, stylish & elegant place where interesting people come for dinner, networking or pleasure. Also, it is a private members club with its secrets and restrictions. You will not get in unless you are a member, you are a guest of a member or you are on the guest list attending an event.

Last night I attended one of Subdivision events. I wrote about these events previously and those posts were very popular, so I thought I will write again. However, I wanted to offer my lovely readers something else, rather than bragging again about the singers and bands who was awesome anyway, so I decided to take photos of the interesting and stylish people and bit of a venue (they are not very happy about revealing much about this world famous members club) and post here.

Many stylish people from music, fashion, food, luxury and other industries enjoyed the night and I took few nice photos. No surprise! Creative people love spending time at Tramp since its opening in 1969. This members club saw celebrities like Drake, Rihanna, Lara Stone, Noel Gallagher, Yasmin Le Bon, David Beckham, Kate Moss, Ashley Cole and many others. NY Post mentioned that Russian Spy Anna Chapman frequented the club with a view to seducing the royal princes, William and Harry.

Well, I didn’t see any celebs last night but I believe there were few future celebrities. Check the photos below.

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