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Blogging For Personal Branding

This Sunday Blogosphere Magazine had an interesting topic at its Twitter chat and made me think why I am blogging and if it’s worth all those money I spend on my blog. In general, blogging is not very expensive. In fact, it can be free. You just need to create your website on one of the platforms (mine is on WordPress and I am loving it). Later, if it goes well, you can invest in the domain that doesn’t cost much. And get a professional email which doesn’t cost much either.

I started my blog with a free website but at the time I have it on a self-hosted platform for several reasons. One reason – by creating a website I learned a bunch of useful skills including Google Analytics, HTML, and others. The other reason, I can create a website in the way I like. Sure, free platform has templates too but I can not change so much like I can on a self-hosted platform.

Blogging For Personal Branding

The most important reason – professionally and uniquely looking website is good for my personal brand. And not just website. What do you write on your blog it is important too.
You can tell people your personal story, showcase your expertise and create your personal image/brand the way you like. I started my blog in 2009 because I wanted to get a job or internship in the music industry and I did not know other ways to get it. At that time blog helped me not just with an internship but also with developing my English, my writing, and communication skills. Back in Lithuania, I was extremely shy and afraid to speak to complete strangers. When I started my blog, I had to force myself to speak to strangers and tell them about my blog. Soon, chatting with people became very easy.

Because of my blog, I became visible. People introduced me to their friends. I felt like a celebrity because blogging was quite exotic thing. It still is at some point if you don’t know how to promote yourself well in this industry. There are so many bloggers in the world. But most of them fail because they don’t have good reasons to blog, they don’t know how to promote themselves in the right way and they lose patience waiting for their moment. I am not famous and I don’t seek to be but the work I put in the first years of blogging is enough to be still recognizable as a blogger.

So, my answer was to the Blogosphere Magazine questions – it is definitely worth to blog and it is worth all the money. Because I received an incredible value myself too.



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