My personal experience about manicure is not very pleasant. When I arrived in London, I worked at the bar and coffee shop and was not allowed to have the colors on my nails. Later I started trying quick manicure at the events but it was not too special. Colour didn’t last long. My nails were breaking quickly. So, no surprise I chose to have clear nails most of the time.
After meeting lovely ladies from “Book Your Lifestyle” at Blogosphere magazine party, I was invited to try its service and book a treatment. I said yes and last night visited “Backstage Beauty” salon where very nail technician did my manicure, answered to the questions and gave valuable advice. She was very gentle with my cuticles and asked to tell her if I felt pain. As a true professional, the nail technician made sure my nails looked perfect. I had fun and got to relax and forget all the troubles and worries of the day. I was always wondering why Reese Witherspoon character from the movie “Legally Blonde” always went to manicure salon whenever she was stressed or upset. Now I know. Chatting with the ladies around, discussing life, career and boys help to relax indeed. And who knows? You can make new friends and even change your life like it happens at the movie “Women”. Anyway, I had a great experience.
The manicure I’ve got was shellac. It is different from the regular because it lasts much longer and looks better. Nail technician told me it will last up to one month what is perfect to me as I am an extremely busy workaholic who always chooses work over myself (well it is changing a bit after I started experiencing such a nice things). It was difficult to make the decision about the color but finally chose baby pink. It is probably not the trendiest color but I am not the one to follow the trend. It is important for me to look beautiful rather than trendy. Also, this color will suit with most of my clothes and one of my favorite lipsticks.
It can be tricky to book beautician or hair stylist online. Bu the company “Book Your Lifestyle” came up with an amazing solution. They partnered with many good salons and now you can order your beauty treatments so much quicker and easier. Just go on their website. “Backstage Beauty” is one of their partners.
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